Eric Brice Swartz is a visual artist who has worked professionally in film and television for the last 11 years. His interest in the media began in a seventh grade art class in 1982 when his teacher would show super 8 films. His dreams of working in the media were not realized until 1997,  four years after receiving his BFA in Fine Arts from Memphis State University, when he exchanged his scenic art talents for on the job training in TV production at WKNO (Memphis’ PBS affiliate).

In 2000 he made the decision to become a freelancer working for local and national production companies. Eventually he began to work on music videos, feature films and documentaries and began to take part in the local independent film scene. There he found a creative outlet for his skills as a camera operator and scenic artist. The digital film revolution democratized the art form enabling him to create in the formerly cost prohibitive media.

Eric found the transition from canvas to screen as a palette for artistic endeavors very natural. He brings the artist mindset to bear in film and television work.

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